The London Tanker Brokers' Panel is an independent and impartial authority which provides a variety of rate assessments on a fee-paying basis for individual oil companies, traders, tanker operators and other interests worldwide. It also publishes monthly average freight rate assessments (AFRA) which are available on subscription.

Five of the world's most experienced tanker brokers make up the Panel:

  • Clarksons Platou
  • Galbraith's
  • E A Gibson Shipbrokers
  • Simpson Spence Young
  • Braemar ACM Shipbroking

Formed in 1953, the Panel provides current and historical rate assessments based on extensive experience of its members in the international shipping market. (Its policy precludes it from providing forecasts of future rates.)

For further information about the Panel and its services, please contact:

Ian McCarthy
Managing Director
The London Tanker Brokers' Panel Ltd
Copenhagen House
5-10 Bury Street
London EC3A 5AT

Tel +44 (0)20 7456 6600
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