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Monthly Breakdown Statements


AFRA Results represent a weighted average of all chartered tonnage actually operating during the calculation period, irrespective of the fixture date. A time charter made some years ago will still be reflected in the result, provided the vessel is actually trading under it during the calculation data period. The breakdown statement therefore provides additional information.

In each of the five groups, tonnage is divided into three categories:

• Long term charters
• Short term charters
• Single voyage charters

These statements show the average rate for the three charter categories in five deadweight groups in US dollars per metric tonne, converted to a Worldscale equivalent.

Long term is defined as charters originally fixed for a period of 12 months or more.

Short term is defined as charters originally fixed for a period less than 12 months.

Certain categories of vessels are excluded from AFRA and Clean assessments

• Vessels owned by oil companies and Governments (except where operating on a commercial charter)
• Vessels employed in specialised trades such as the carriage of chemicals, luboils and bitumen etc.
• Vessels engaged in protected trades.
• Vessels used for storage
• Vessels in lay up

Clean Single Voyage Assessments

A further option is an assessment of the Worldscale average single voyage rate
for clean vessels and cover the three deadweight groups. Results are expressed
in Worldscale points. It should be noted that these assessments are only available
to subscribers to the monthly AFRA results.

General purpose  16,500 – 24,999 (long) tons dw
Medium range2     25,000 – 44,999 (long) tons dw
Large range 1       45,000 – 79,999 (long) tons dw

Large range 2        80,000 – 159,999 (long) tons dw

Examples of a Monthly breakdown statement and Clean single voyage assessments can be viewed on our ‘FEES’ page.